What To Do With An Old And Broken Fridge At Home

Most of the time, when an old appliance breaks, it isn’t worth the cost to repair it. And if a bulky appliance like your fridge reached its average life expectancy of 13 years or more, then it may be time to replace it the next time it stops working.

You can now start shopping for a new, larger fridge for your home. But what do you do with the old one?

1. Properly Dispose Of A Broken Fridge

This large item can’t be thrown away in the same manner as tossing out your regular household trash and setting them up on the curb for pick-up. Most of the time, homeowners just move a broken fridge in the garage or somewhere in their yard to rot away for decades. But this isn’t the right way to dispose of your old fridge.

It’s best to arrange proper disposal with a provider like Same-Day Rubbish Removal and others. Most rubbish removal services deal with almost any kind of waste, from your general household waste to broken fridges and other appliances to garden waste and anything in between. They help you do all the heavy lifting, de-cluttering your home from bulky thrash without spending too much.

2. Sell It For Scraps

As with bottles and cans, your fridge can also be a significant source of cash when it stops working. You can sell your fridge to an individual or a scrap yard that breaks it down and sell or recycle the metal parts into other items.

You can check out your local scrap yards and see if they’re taking old, bulky appliances. Most of the time, you can Google information about scrap companies, giving you an idea of what scrap recycling centers will pay you for your old fridge.

3. Use It For Storage

You probably know this, but fridges make great shelves. A broken fridge is nothing more than a good place to store items that don’t need cooling. You can clean it out, remove the door or leave it intact, and use the old fridge as your new pantry. Place it in the garage for tool storage or in the garden to neatly store small gardening tools.

Take note, however, that if you’re using your old fridge as a pantry, make sure to remove the door gasket or the whole door completely to prevent an airtight seal, which could encourage a musty smell to occur.

4. Create A Rustic Cooler

The main purpose of a fridge is to keep food items cool. And even after breaking down, a fridge can still serve its purpose. Since fridges are airtight, they make a great rustic cooler for your next backyard BBQ summer party. Cover all sides of the fridge with pallets and add some handles and metal sheets for waterproofing—and voila! You have a rustic fridge-turned-cooler that can certainly hold more beer bottles than your average cooler.

While it’s not an easy garden DIY project, if you can achieve to build this, it’s surely a good conversation starter during those summer parties.

5. Transform Into A Bookshelf

A unique use of your old fridge is to transform it into a bookshelf to showcase your collection of favorite books. Simply clean its interior, remove the door, and set your books inside. You can paint and dress it up to give it a new, fresh look. And if the light still works, then you can plug in the fridge for an illuminated display in your bedroom or living room.

6. Make A Garden Planter

Buying a raised flower bed can cost you a few hundred dollars. However, you can get the same effect for free by using a broken fridge.

First off, you need to remove the refrigerant or ask a professional to do so. Then, take out the drawers and shelves, remove the door, and drill small drainage holes at the back of the fridge. You can paint its exterior to complement your garden and set it on bricks for proper draining. You can then fill it with dirt and plant whatever you want!

7. Turn It Into A Doghouse

Whether you want to give your four-legged buddy a chilling spot outdoor or provide a stray dog something they can call home, a fridge can help. You simply need to remove the door and horizontally lay down the fridge. It should provide separate dining and sleeping spaces for your pooch or a stray pup.


Fridges are expensive investments that you use for years. However, like any items, they eventually break down beyond repair and become useless. However, as you can see from the above tips, you can still maximize your investment and benefit from your fridge even after it stops working.

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