Welcome Home Ideas

Welcome Home Ideas

We all have a desire to have that kind of house in which we feel peaceful, pleasant, and joyful as we enter the house it would give us those gestures. There are many people that are special in our life and we all have the desire to do something special for them as they make our life beautiful, they make our special and without them, we feel something is missing from our life. When a special occasion is coming you always wish to plan something special (a party) but a special party mostly depends on the location that it is scheduled to occur. So, you start to decide that place but it all comes to your house because it’s the only place with no limits but if your house does not have that kind of environment inside it, it becomes complicated. So, you decide to decorate it. And for this, you have come to the right place and here I will tell you the best welcome home party ideas to cheer up the special people in your life.

1- Arrange catering of their choice

Especially in those occasions when your host is coming after a long time in your hometown as he had been living in another city so the most important thing that will cheer them up will be the food the loved from your town as everyone is a foodie and when the food is of our choice it will cheer you and also the bond between you will become more strong. But not just this situation any person whom you are inviting when the food is of his choice who will refuse.

Welcome Home Ideas

And also it’s not important to have food of everyone’s choice if you are planning a large audience party it will be very difficult to have everyone’s choice of food as everyone has different taste of food as compared to others, so in this situation, you don’t need to worry just order or host that kind of food that’s pleasant and by pleasant I mean which attracts you to itself, for example, pizza, burgers, BBQ and don’t forget about sweet cake or pastries or jelly. And last but not least if that’s missing you will feel something awkward while eating food and that is a cold drink which is like an energy giver, charges you, and is truly the backbone of food. So, when hosting a party necessary attention towards catering is highly recommended as it is like an energy giver to your party. Also, your food should have that pleasant smell that when your host is entering their attention should be driven towards it.

2- Special cake to be served

In occasion of birthday or any kind of anniversary, the thing which is the light and soul of it will be the cake that is baked. It should have to be special; it should be attractive and everyone when they see the cake they should be delighted and they should just be thinking to have a bit of it. Not just for birthday or anniversary to cheer up special people in your life you can order a cake as it is a symbol of celebrating happiness to everyone and to show others the joy that person has brought in your life.

Welcome Home Ideas

So when ordering the cake the first thing you need to know is that the person whom you are bringing the cake for is fond of chocolate or cream you don’t want to spoil the party by bringing the wrong flavor of cake as different is liked by the person. So first decide flavor and then decide design on it, it should be different, classy, and attractive. Decide carefully as the cake you bring will represent the whole party so be careful when planning it. Make sure you are bringing the right quantity of cake as you don’t want to be ashamed in front of everyone else as the cake got finished and some did not get the bite of it.

3- Invite all your dear ones

When you are planning a party first decide the correct audience whom should come to your party but for this decide carefully as if you a person whom you forgot about so you would have to throw another party to cheer up them and say sorry. invite those who care about you, those who will make your party more meaningful and just don’t forget to invite those with a good sense of humor as you would not want to host a boarding party.

Welcome Home Ideas

Atlas but not least how to invite them so I will enlighten you up on this just simply text a message to them but that text should have feelings, emotions not like that there’s a party come at this time so be careful you don’t want less audience in your party. Text them I’m hosting a party at my place you are warmly welcome so come at this time as you are the soul of this party, just make them feel special. If you want to do something more special just buy an inviting card with an attractive design and a cheerful message and name of the person you are inviting as it will make him feel more special in your life and will be very fond of coming to your place to rock n roll.

4- Location of the party to be hosted

As I told you above the party you are planning mostly depends on the location where it is being hosted it plays a vital role in upbringing the party’s environment. It should be somewhere peaceful, have a good view so that when you look outside you can see that the happiness you are getting is required by everyone.

Welcome Home Ideas

The place should have no limits so you can party hard and relax as you don’t have to be worry about the end time so the best place is your house as you can party as long as you want and you can do whatever to want to do because these kind of occasions dont come around everyday so you want to enjoy it make it memorable as life sucks and happiness you are getting isn’t gained by everyone so you want to make it a memorable moment . The location you decided should be decorated by balloons, paintings and paper designs. You can also rent a revenue for example a theatre, a restraint or a bar.

5- Dress-up Guidelines

Dressing is also a key role in a cool party so you should make a guideline towards dressing. When you are sending invitations also add the dress code on it as you want a cool and a classy party. Make sure you tell everyone the dress code for the party as a single person without the dress up codes can make an impact on your party, for example, you give to dress up code of formal dress but someone appears informal and in a party in which everyone is informal a single informal dress can disturb it and draw all attention towards it.

Welcome Home Ideas

However, if you have a pet you can also dress it up as it is a good thing and people will be attracted to you as it will make it adorable. You can also arrange a theme party as theme parties are now in now a day and make your party a hell of rocking and people will be waiting for you to throw another party and become a party planner. You can decide any theme simply decide it and inform your audience throw invitations.

6- Music and selecting the right playlist

A party without music is like a human without a backbone as it is very important for the party it enlightens the soul of the party. Music heals any kind of wound and living in a world where difficulties and tasks are waiting for you these kinds of occasions help out very much and heals you and you become ready to face more difficulties.

Welcome Home Ideas

For this select the right playlist but everyone’s choice is different so ask your friends what kind of music they like, browse music find the best music you can also Spotify but make sure you make a strong playlist that will become the backbone of the party. If you have a high budget you can book a band or a musician and trust me you will make a hell of a party. But this is not necessary if you have a low budget you can still make a hell of a party just make sure you have the best speakers with the right base and also arrange an amplifier for balancing the sound you wouldn’t want to spoil the party because of bad music playing.

7-cheer up the special person whom you have hosted this party for

Hold a toast for the person you have arranged the party for as it is essential and the main purpose of the party. Just gently stand up or go to the stage and tell everybody and also make everyone realize how they have missed the person and how much he is close to us, make him feel more comfortable.

Welcome Home Ideas

say good things about him, enlighten every one of his good character and also how he became a part of your life and you missed him. it’s the main purpose of your party to thank him that he came to your life and filled your life with happiness. Ask everyone to share their thoughts and make a speech to cheer him up it will make your party more delightful and people will be amazed. the person whom you did this for will be very delighted of you and will also try to throw a party to cheer you up and the bond between you will get stronger.

8- Home decoration

Decorate your home gently and precisely according to the occasion as it plays a vital role to make your party more attractive and people will be fond of it. Arrange balloons or paper designs by which you can decorate your house don’t forget about flowers as it smells delights people and is very essential. Don’t forget the banner in which the welcome home party or the purpose of the party should be written on it.

Welcome Home Ideas

If you are hosting a theme party decorate your house according to the theme as it makes a strong impact on it just be careful when decorating it and keep in mind the theme or purpose of the party and decorate according to it. Also, keep in mind the color of balloons or flowers as it should go with the theme and emotion of the party.

9- plan a surprise

Make it a surprise it will be a more interesting party and the person you are hosting for should not get any sign of it make sure you have someone to distract him and keep him away as you plan the party. Get the audience that would keep the secret and help you out with this. Be careful don’t leave any sign of it on the internet, you cannot bear a spoiler of the surprise as it will put a waste to all your hard work and devotion towards it.

Welcome Home Ideas

Just be away from the person who cannot keep secrets as it will be spoiled. Plan this cleverly the person whom you are doing this for should not get any sign of it and pretend to be normal in front of him don’t freak out as it will lead to suspiciousness toward you so be careful it isn’t easy as it seems. Plan this like this would be one of the moments you will forever remember and tell others the adventure you sought when planning it.

10- Performance by audience

Tell everyone to prepare something to perform at the party as everyone has some talent different from each other but unique. So, make a small stage where everyone can perform one by one, for example, someone is good at singing, he can sing a song, someone is a good dancer he can do a dance performance or someone has a good sense of humor he can do stand-up comedy and everyone will be entertained.

Welcome Home Ideas

This will prove to be a good thing as everyone will get a chance to show their talent and express their feelings. Just simply inform everyone earlier to prepare some performance as everyone has to perform something. This will make your party more exciting and everyone will wait for each other’s performance to see their talent and no one will discourage anyone and will make everyone laugh, happy.

Make sure your dear one is delighted with your hosting as you have gotten more closer and he will realize how much you missed him. They will remember the food, music, and decoration, etc. These ideas will truly help to organize the best welcome back home party.

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