Water Tanks and Their Varieties

Water Tanks

Water is the essential need of all living things. Due to the 100 gallon water tank and its importance as a resource, more and more people have tried to save water for their homes, businesses, and agricultural purposes in recent years. Rainwater harvesting has gained new momentum due to obvious environmental problems like drought, but also due to its long-term economic, water-saving and environmentally friendly qualities.

In cities like Melbourne, the importance of installing rainwater tanks is high, especially since many residents have backyards and ample space on their properties. Another reason is that Victoria has suffered from drought for a long time, and the government must impose restrictions on the water. Due to these restrictions and in an attempt to propel the population to a more sustainable life, discounts are available for the purchase of rainwater tanks.

There are many suppliers and styles of tanks out there; Tanks come in all shapes, sizes, and volumes and can be carefully design that suit your property and needs. By installing a rainwater tank, people can rely on them for all purposes, including gardening, swimming pools, washing and household use, etc. The benefits extend beyond environmental sustainability, especially in a city that experiences long, dry summers.


Due to the increasing importance of tanks, companies are constantly creating innovative solutions to improve their product and adapt to every home or business. The tanks are available in various compact designs to fit even inner-city, suburban homes with less outdoor space. There is always the possibility of collecting rainwater, even if space limitations prevent you from installing a large water tank. Specialists can provide a tank that is especially suitable to accommodate small spaces and odd shapes. Oval water tanks, rectangular tanks, and other configurations have evolved to fit the needs of all properties and homes, so lack of space is no longer an excuse.

Water Tanks

Choosing a 100 gallon water tank is very simple. There are hundreds available on the market, and the one you choose depends largely on the type of tank system you need or want. Before you start buying a tank, decide what features you want in your tank and how much water you and your family members will use. Do you want to use the water in the tank for the garden and washing only or also for your family’s water use?

Type and Size

The type and size of tank you should buy also depends on the number of people in your household, the average annual rainfall in your area, and the total roof area that could potentially direct rainwater into your tank. Some things to consider;

  • Will you need a pumping system to pump the water through the pipes?
  • Do you need a plumber to install new pipes for this water tank?
  • Will you need to purify your drinking water?

Above all, watch for any harmful material on the roof that mixes with the water and makes it poisonous. Once you take these factors into account and consider the size of your property, choose your water tank. It is a better idea to seek the advice of a professional. There are several experts who can give you a good idea of ​​what you can do and how to do it.

The main types of tank materials available are:

  • Concrete (strong enough for underground installation)
  • Poly Tank, (the cheapest of all)
  • Fiberglass tank (durable and corrosion resistant)
  • Metal tank (made with corrosion-resistant features)
  • Underground tanks (save space and ideal for small homes)
  • Bladder tanks (also built underground and below deck)

Many of these water tanks are available online. Go through each of these options and consider the factors mention above and choose the one you need that is best suit to your situation. As mentioned above, it is advisable to seek expert advice on Melbourne water tanks as the design and installation can be complicated.

Not so long ago, when almost every house had its own water tank, and collecting rainwater was something that just happen over a lifetime, not a major environmental event. But as more and more people moved to towns and cities, we began to use clean water, and the other tanks began to disappear from sight.

But in this dry season when green citizens are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, water tanks have once again become a household item, and for more than just environmental reasons.

1. Save water

Water scarcity resulting from drought has made it more important than ever to conserve the water we have. Australia receives the least amount of rain of all inhabited continents and water is the valuable resource we have that we need it to live!

2. Maintain the city’s potable water for drinking

Water Tanks

Rather than wasting fresh drinking 500 gallon water tank in the garden, washing the car or flushing the toilet, installing a tank means less drinking water will be lost through activities like these, and more will be available to drink.

3. Overcome water restrictions

Water restrictions have been impose across Australia, limiting the amount of water use for non-essential activities. A water tank will be give you the freedom to choose your own collect water without having to access the city supply. This means you can choose to your water for a greener lawn, a cleaner car, or to fill the paddling pool in hot weather.

4. Save money on your initial purchase

The global financial crisis has made it more important than ever to be careful with money, and buying a tank of water is no different. Generous state and local government rebates are still available on the purchase of water tanks, especially large water tanks, or those that are connect to your toilet or laundry room for internal use.

5. Save money in the future

Once the initial cost of the 500 gallon water tank has pay, you can save the money on all future water. As population grows and water becomes scarcer, the cost of water is likely to increase, so you can protect yourself from these costs by collecting your own water.

6. Collect your own drinking water

If you are concern about chemicals being added to the city’s water supply, a water tank might be the solution for you. Forget buying expensive bottled water; you can collect your own freshwater to drink from a tank.

7. Make a statement

Instead of the old rusty corrugated iron tanks, modern water tanks come in a variety of colors, styles, sizes, and materials to suit you.

1000 gallon water tank storage bladders, colorbond aquaplane steel tanks, polyethene tanks, and concrete tanks. The range includes trendy colors to suit every home, such as Stone Gray, Eucalypt Green, Heritage Red and Pale Terracotta. From large farm water stores to small ones, there is a water tank for everyone who wants to save water.

Water Tanks

The idea is storing water in a tank helps to solve water storage problems. There are varieties of tanks available in the market for your water storage needs. Some varieties of water tanks are rain tanks, water storage tanks, bladder water tanks, round tanks, slim tanks, steel tanks, underground tanks, etc. are a few to name. All these variety of tanks help you to store water.

You must be confused about why there are different varieties of tanks with the same water storage purpose. Here comes the important thing when selecting your water tank. You should choose tanks based on the space available to install water tanks.

The slim tanks are high-risk category tanks and fit into your tight storage space. These types of tanks make with high-quality materials and have a guarantee of up to 10 years. The slim tanks are available in different sizes and colors.


Water Tanks

Round tanks of 1000 gallon water tank are the cheapest tanks available on the market and are available in different sizes to suit your water storage needs. Bladder tanks are another variety tanks that are ideal for those who want to take tanks with you when moving to other locations.

Underground tanks provide more storage facilities compared all the other variety tanks because you bury them out of sight. In this any type of tanks you can opt for concrete tanks, polyethylene tanks or plastic tanks depending on your selection.

Steel tanks are variety to choose from. These tanks are available in large sizes that help you store large amounts of water. These steel water tanks are available in the market in 2 types. One is ready to use the ones you need to install or in the form of parts you need to assemble. You can use liners for these types of tanks to make them durable.

When choosing tanks, it is always better to go for the larger ones because it makes you safe if you don’t get water for a day or two. And if you have enough storage facilities, you can keep your garden and landscapes always greener. If you use rainwater to fill your tanks, it would be good to solve your water shortage problems. Water is very valuable and handle with care.


When installing water tanks, you need to be extremely careful because if not installed correctly it can cause wasted water. It is advisable to enlist the help of a professional water tank installer to do the task for you. He will guide you on the best place to place the tank.


Repair and maintenance of your tanks can be done with proper care. Using unhygienic water can cause many illnesses. Try to clean your tanks frequently if you use them for drinking. Try to keep your water tanks always closed. Always buy from the best quality water tanks for your storage needs. Whether you opt for slim, round or underground tanks.

With the wider community becoming more environmentally conscious and concerned about global warming. They are trying to do their part to help. Installing a water tank is an excellent way to reduce mains water use. That decrease water runoff down the storm drain.

Australia has just emerged from a prolonged period of drought. Many parts of the country are still suffering from the effects. The effects of the drought in rural areas have spread to metropolitan areas. Many of Australia’s major cities have strict water restrictions.

Until recently, many people in rural areas had never run out of rainwater in their water tanks. But now they have to purchase larger water tanks as a backup supply. To supplement their existing supply of potable rainwater.

The water restrictions impose by the government, city councils. The water authorities are now something that all consumers have become accustomed to. Water restrictions have become necessary with Australia’s population growth. Gobal warming that are pushing our precious water supplies to the limit.

A few years ago, many local governments, city councils and water authorities introduced. A water tank rebate scheme to encourage the general public to invest in their own rainwater tank. It is much cheaper for the government to encourage everyone to install. Their own rainwater tank than to build new dams. It is also better for our environment not to have so much runoff. That it alters the water table and the natural flow of rivers.


The introduction of water tank rebates sparked a boom in the water tank manufacturing business with many environmentally conscious people installing a couple of water tanks. This has caused a large increase in water tank manufacturing companies on Australia’s east coast to cope with the huge demand driven by the new urban market.

The bubble in the rainwater tank boom has now burst, and there is an oversupply from water tank suppliers. This is great for the consumer, but not for the struggling small water tank manufacturers. Many small family manufacturers and resellers have closed due to fierce competition.

The boom in rainwater tanks has been fantastic for the plumbing industry. It is the law for a licensed plumber to install the water tank if it is to be for flushing the toilet and connecting. It to clothes for use in the washing machine. To receive the maximum discount per water tank offer by the government. A plumber is also require to approve the installation of the water tank.


Plastic and fiber are the most popular and use elements to store water. This is a common site to see plastic loft tanks installed on top of the building. The advent of plastic water tanks has conveniently replaced steel water tanks. Before the invention of plastic, steel tanks were the only solution to store any volume of water. We can still find huge tanks of cement or concrete reinforced concrete. This used to be a sturdy option but, like the steel tank, it is highly unsanitary. Plastic tanks are available in various types of convenient sizes. Which can be easily store inside or on top of the house.

The plastic so far offers hygienic water to a great extent. That is a leak-proof material, it does not allow the water to lean unless someone punctures the body of the tank. These tanks are manufacture using molded technology and provide a uniform look to the tank. These tanks are useful for storing a limited volume of water. But for the larger volume, the steel tank has no alternative so far. In addition to the leak-proof and anti-corrosion quality. The plastic tanks are quite lightweight and do not increase the load on the roof of the house.

Plastic tanks or polymer lined tanks have the capacity to store almost everything except some strong acids. But stainless steel tanks are consider the best for storing edible items or items. Stainless steel offers great security with much-needed hygiene for all food and water storage.


Parts of the world where drinking water is a rare natural source. People have to depend on rainwater storage for their regular consumption. Plastic tanks are still consider the best option to store rainwater immediately and save the water from perspiration. Plastic has the ability to retain any liquid for longer without spoiling due to its solid proof quality. Today, plastic tanks are available in white or black.

Tanks made of fiberglass are also becoming very popular for their robustness and flexibility. Fiberglass is versatile, very durable and totally anti-corrosive. Plastic tanks are the most cost effective alternative to water storage. Plastic drinking water tanks are now seen in every home. These tanks are rotomold and have no seams for leaks. They are to install and do not require mesh or bedding for the base. Dark green and poly water tanks are specifically make to store water. That only with its dark color that inhibits algae growth.


The reason why the importance of this precious liquid for the survival of humanity is simply invaluable. Because the human body is make up of between 55 and 78 percent water. This is why we have been developing ways to collect, supply and conserve water all these years. Water tanks show the ingenuity of even the first civilizations on earth, being great examples of man’s survival instincts.

Even hundreds of years ago, our ancestors built incredible architectural and engineering feats just to acquire and supply water effectively. All over the world, you can find vintage tanks made of wood, stone and ceramic.

When it comes to these tanks, they have been built to last decades, even centuries. A wooden water tank dating from the 1880s was discovered in a California state reservation. Due to the importance of such historical artifacts, the Ano Nuevo wooden tank was successfully restored and, after being buried under a thick veil of ivy, today it is fully functional.

Considering the water tanks, they can be used for other purposes besides human consumption. When it comes to water tanks, the most common uses include agricultural irrigation and industrial factories. Tanks can also be used when it comes to storing water and fire safety operations.

Here, depending on how the owner intends to use them, the tanks can be made of different materials. For homes, generally steel and plastic tanks are the best options. Considering more elaborate configurations, fiberglass, concrete and stone water tanks are preferred.


What the water treatment facilities use are polyethylene tanks. In this case, the material allows exposure to chemicals used to treat the water. It is after the correct curing period that water that was previously unfit for human consumption becomes drinkable.

There are ground tanks and elevated tanks and these are the two types of water tanks. Typically the supply from underground wells or even open water such as clear streams and rivers are groundwater tanks that are often used in rural areas. Water towers are common references when it comes to elevated tanks and these come with pumps that provide pressurized water supply for homes and even industrial factories.


Other varieties in this case include mobile or portable water tanks. These particular tanks are used for deliveries, nomadic living situations, and during long trips in a motor home or airplane. Because they are considerably smaller compared to permanent and immobile variations, they are ideal for short-term use.

It’s easy for home water tanks to hold a minimum of 50 gallons. When it comes to industrial factories and composite houses like condominiums and apartments, they use horizontal steel tanks with a capacity of 100 to a thousand gallons. Considering trucks and other large vehicles for transportation, elongated tanks designed to hold maximum liquid while maintaining the balance of the vehicle are usually attached to them for road safety purposes.

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