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Homevary warmly welcomes you to our platform of sharing and giving guidelines to a beautiful lifestyle. When you browse homevary.com and use our website if referred to a company then you agree to our terms and condition. All terms of use along with the policy correspond with the relationship with the company. The company is referred to as the owner of the website and viewers and audience is referred to as you.

The following are terms of use:

  • The company uploads content only for general information and use.
  • The company can change, remove any content without permission or notice.
  • The company and no other third party give Guenette assurance, performance, perfectness, or suitability of the information on guidelines given. We are telling you first that it can contain some errors or mistakes and that’s why the company precludes all the liabilities due to errors and mistakes as permitted by Law.
  • If you are using material as prescribes by our website then you will be doing it at your own risk. So, please check the requirements first to avoid any complications. After this, the company will not be responsible.
  • The company uses material and content according to a license that is not just limited to designs, look, interior or exterior, graphics, and layout. that’s why any replacement is prohibited.
  • The company admires all the use of trademarks that are not the property of the website and replaces them on the website.
  • The company will follow the legal process for unauthorized use of the website and will claim damage charges.
  • The company admires third-party contents on its website but does not support it so if you think to follow it then you will be doing it at your own risk.
  • You will need an agreement in writing links, documents to our official website homevary.com
  • If you have any problem with the usage of our website then it will be proceeded under the Law of  USA.

Material submission and account usage by you:

  • When you submit your content to the company then you grant irreparable, abiding and royalty-free license worldwide to the company. With this permission, the company can make any kind of change with their concern and can also mix it with any other content. Moreover, the company can translate your submission into any other kind of media and sublicense the rights as given by Law.
  • The company does not offer any kind of payment on submission.
  • The company can also remove your content at any time without any reason.
  • The company can also modify your submission without any permission.
  • When you submit material to the company then you clearly declare that you provided accurate information and give all the rights to the company and cannot revoke after submission.
  • You also declare that you have not violated copyrights of other users’ content

All responsibility is on you while submitting content material and account usage.

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