Storm Guard Roofing of Colorado Springs- Whole Detail

In El Paso, Pueblo, Teller, Douglas, Elbert, and the nearby communities, Storm Guard Roofing of Colorado Springs provides expert roof repair, siding, windows, drains, and painting. It can assist you with home or business exterior restoration and roofing services.

Renovations to the outside aren’t usually planned.

However, they must be fulfilled. Maintain the integrity of your home’s exterior while impressing your family and colleagues.

The roof is leaking, ugly, or broken.

The siding is decaying, worn out, or falling apart.

Drafty, noisy, or sticky windows

Storm Guard Roofing & Construction: Get to Know About

Storm Guard is the most significant urban roofing and construction company in the United States, offering superior insurance and non-insurance architectural knowledge. It serves households and business owners who need roofing services due to storm damage or deterioration. A home’s roof is only as solid as its base. Residential roofs replace every 20-25 years on average. However, extreme weather can significantly shorten that time frame. Since 2014, hail has hit over 10 million properties in the United States. Roof damage might take months or years to become evident to the property owner following a storm, and it is typically too late to file an insurance payout.

Many customers are unaware of the damage to their houses until Storm Guard contacts them! Storm Guard protects and preserves the value of residential and commercial properties in every community. So, it serves through education and prompt response in inclement weather. People need a safe location to raise their families and do business in any economy. The roofing industry is a vital recession and disease outbreak, a rapidly expanding enterprise with a market value of $19.9 billion in 2021. The sector is chaotic, unprofessional, and even aggressive to customers. Many roofing companies don’t have permanent locations and instead travel from city to city, chasing storms and providing substandard work with no warranties.

On the other hand, Storm Guard owners are local specialists who provide rising service and conduct ethically. The united mission of Storm Guard owners is to empower homeowners to trust their local companies. Storm Guard franchisees improve the industry’s service level standard, and a manufacturing 5-year quality warranty guarantees their work.

Business Description in Detail

Storm Guard provides various services to help you with your home, ranging from home upgrades to storm repair. Storm Guard Roofing of Colorado Springs is a famous, locally run Colorado Springs Roofer with a national business’s financial backing and industry experience. They provide exceptional communication, customer service, craftsmanship, and honesty to their Colorado Springs customers. Storm Guard is a famous brand in the insurance repair and outside contracting industries. For more than a decade, it has focused on exterior insurance recovery for roofing, siding, windows, gutters, and emergency tarping services.

Storm Guard of Colorado Springs takes care of everything from roof replacement to gutter replacement to window replacement to consorting replacement to painting and plastering repair. To handle claims, they frequently deal with insurance companies.

Roof repair and replacement are made simple.

Navigating the insurance claim procedures after breaking your property can be difficult and time-consuming. Here remove yourself from that load and make the entire process easier. So, allow staff to assist you in obtaining insurance acceptance and lowering your out-of-pocket expenses.

What are the main advantages of having a business?

Storm Guard franchisees benefit from sector training and support, relationships with distributors and suppliers, weather and air to air measurement technology, task management systems for sales, production, and invoicing a high return on investment. The implementation of best practices from their Storm Guard family members.

What Characteristics Characterize a Storm Guard Roofing & Construction Franchisee?

Fortitude and a never-say-die mindset, excellent business sense, good communication and problem-solving, people and product management, and a willingness to pursue procedures and processes are skillsets you see in successful owners.

What kind of marketing help and services do you need?

Storm Guard creates the franchisee’s website and supports the construction of their social media profiles and online advertising efforts from a marketing standpoint. Professional booklets and flyers, door hangers and yard signs, business cards and accessories, vehicle wraps, emergency tarps, and tradeshow and event assets are also available. They also provide substantial sales support, including sales recruit training for the owner. Their sales manager helps them quickly get their business up and running.

Colorado Springs Roofing Contractor

The roof serves as the first line of defence against the elements. Trust a roofing team to keep your loved ones and things safe when it comes to your top. Storm Guard Roofing of Colorado Springs specialises in roof repairs and maintenance in Colorado Springs. So, it helps you understand the repair procedure. If you notice leaks or a significant storm has torn through your property. Our crew is a one-stop store for complete home repair, and they’ll even handle your insurance claim. Allow them to assist you with your roofing problem.


A home or business building owner that needs repairs due to hailstorms or wind storm damage is looking for a general contractor. So, it handles all restoration parts and works with the insurance provider to guarantee all storm-related damage is included.

They are performing a thorough inspection to ensure that a home insurance claim covers all damage to the home. And restores it to its pre-storm state, then acting as a general contractor to fix all components of the external restoration effort and interior repairs as needed. Storm Guard Roofing and Construction specialise in restoring homes that storms have damaged. Therefore, all aspects of the insurance claim manage in collaboration with the householder.

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