How to pack bedroom before moving

Staying calm while moving is another challenge. It is worth making a checklist of tasks that need to be completed before the day of the move comes, so that you do not forget anything. The initial checklist might look like this:

  1. choose the day of the move;
  2. choose transport and moving company;
  3. deal with utilities in the old town and in the new place;
  4. pack your things.

In Calgary we recommend professional movers

When packing things in an apartment or private house, you should first of all start with non-residential rooms, then pack the bedrooms of adults and children, and leave the kitchen and bathroom at the very end. It’s also a good idea to make a checklist for each room, and if you’re packing things yourself, don’t forget to get enough packing materials – boxes, string, tape, “fragile” stickers, cling film, and bubble wrap. Also don’t forget about markers and signatures for each box – this will make it easier to take them apart in a new place.

Packing the bedroom

Start with decor items. It is unlikely that in the next month you will need your books or paintings, vases, posters and other decor. Remove the decor from the walls, carefully dismantle and pack the fasteners for it. You will need a tight box for books and for fragile items get the bubble wrap and additional soft items in the box so that they do not inadvertently get damaged during transportation. Don’t forget the “fragile” stickers.

Take care of your wardrobe. Put clothes and shoes that you definitely don’t need into boxes. Clear out your dressers, shelves and drawers.

Pick up and compactly fold rugs and carpets

Children’s things: If you’re assembling a child’s bedroom, make sure you put all the toys in a separate large bag, dismantle the crib or child’s bed, and pack their bedding in a separate box.

Prepare your plants. You will need special packaging or a tall box so as not to damage them when moving. Pack them on the last or penultimate day and water thoroughly, upon arrival try to unpack them first and let them acclimatize in their new location.

If you plan to dismantle furniture, start with closets. Last but not least, on the last day of the move put your bedding – pillows, blankets, mattress and bed linen – into separate bags, then disassemble the bed. Put all the accessories in bags and sign which bag is needed for what, so that you can easily assemble the furniture back later.

It’s a good idea to take a photo or video of the bedroom before you start packing – this can help with moving problems.

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