Resin table tops have of late become a rage among the DIYers who wish to recreate their restaurants or even homes, in creative ways, that too without breaking the bank. Before we get into why these are trending, let’s first understand.


Resin, otherwise called epoxy, is a resurfacing item. Resin, when blended in with a hardener, sets in solid to make a shiny completion on the tables. With specially crafted and utilization of colors, you can make exceptional and invigorating examples on table tops. For instance, you can even redesign your existing wooden, laminate, metal or any other table tops into resin table tops. All you need is some training or a professional service like Gotable.

But the question could be why convert an existing table top into a resin one? Because…

Resin table tops are Durable

Yes, resin solidifies into a very strong and solid material that has high-end durability over other kinds of table tops. As the resin is impenetrable to bright light/UV light and erosion safe, thus a resin table top is undeniably stronger than a normal wood table. Additionally, they are likewise scratch and waterproof. Moreover, resin table tops are known for a high degree of simulation that reflects natural wood, thus giving it that extra-gorgeous look!

Resin Table Top Advantages

1. High Durability

When epoxy or resin hardens after application, it becomes a very solid surface that will last for years to come, provided you are cleaning and maintaining it with gentle care.

2. High-Gloss Finish

On the off chance that you like a super-sparkling and reflexive cleaned finish, you’ll cherish resin table tops. It might wear out sometime over the years, but you can always restore the same with the occasional utilization of mineral oil.

3. Endless Design Potential

Resin is the most versatile table top material because you can design it or choose any color as far as your imagination goes.

4. Easy To Clean

All you need for cleaning and maintaining resin table tops is a soft sponge and some mild soap solution or maximum some gentle steam to reach the pores if any. And you are done!

The Disadvantages

1. Can be tricky to create a resin Table top

Since resin/epoxy needs a very smooth application, thus unless you have tried it before, or taken the help of a professional, it can be tricky to create one, out of an existing surface. The best is to buy from Gotable.com and avoid wasting your time and material.

2. No Second Chances during Creation

As shared above, creating a resin table top is an on-the-fly process at one go. Thus, it is time-consuming and to ensure a smooth surface is tricky because resin hardens very fast. So you have to be really a pro at it, like the Gotable professional service.

3. Prone to Staining

While the resin is strong with high durability, it stains very effectively in the event that spills are not sufficiently cleaned. So you need immediate cleaning for resin table tops to diminish the danger of long-lasting stains

Maintenance Tips for Resin table tops

1. Clean the Table with a Soft Sponge

To maintain the durability of resin table tops, these require gentle care and cleaning at regular intervals, especially after meals. And for these steel scratch pads or any other hard cleaning pads are a strict NO, NO because these will leave the surface badly harmed. Only use a soft sponge with mild soapy water to sanitize the resin table tops for longer life.

2. Don’t use abrasives

Since resin table tops are a delicate entity when it comes to restaurant table tops, thus these require gentle care and cleaning to maintain their durability. One of our top tips for the same is never to use harsh cleaners or abrasives/acid-based cleaners to clean these since they can corrode your table top. And such corrosion cannot be restored. So be extra cautious; in advance store the right kind of cleaner beforehand.

3.  Don’t Use Alcohol

Alcohol kills the shining coating layer of the resin table top, thereby not just harming its look, but also hitting the durability.

4. Opt for the right type of cleaner

But then which is the right cleaner for resin table tops for maintaining it with gentle care? Low concentration of Acetone because just a little can go a long way. This is to remove any kind of stains. But for daily use, a very mild soap solution is enough, that too with a soft sponge.

5. Steam cleaning is okay

You can also use steam to clean it but with a distance, as close distance steam can harm the resin table tops. Steam is also effective in killing microbes and loosening any kind of food stuck in any invisible cracks. After steam sanitization, wipe the table top with a soft sponge.

6. Use Shades or umbrellas for outdoor space

Resin table tops are a very popular choice for outdoors due to their great looks and durability. But it is important to know that with the outdoors you will need extra care to maintain a lasting life. There are three different ways to carry out that:

  • Alternate the tables on a daily basis
  • Keep the resin table tops in the shade if you cannot alternate the tables
  • The last but the best idea is to use Shades/Umbrellas over the resin table tops – the way you would have seen at most of the beaches.


The decor of suitable crockery, cutlery and vases with flowers is always icing on the cake of resin table tops that don’t need anything beyond. Thus, our experts always advise these over other table tops because of far more elegant looks than any other table tops. So what are you waiting for, select the best one as per your imagination and order soon! Just ensure gentle cleaning for maintaining the durability and you will thank us for life.

And don’t forget to leave feedback for us; you never know who else you may inspire and get abundant thanks in return!

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