How to choose ceiling panels for a drop ceiling

A drop ceiling, also known as a suspended ceiling, is a popular choice in both households and commercial units.  Drop ceilings come with several benefits.

  • They hide unsightly objects like pipes and wirings
  • They facilitate access to these structural components
  • They help to better the soundproofing system
  • They assist in optimizing energy usage of a room
  • They can be customized in keeping with the room’s décor

Drop ceiling panels can also brighten up the interiors of the room. However, much of it depends on the type of panels that you have selected.

Ceiling panels are generally made of mineral fibers or fiberglass. This makes easier the task of noise reduction. These panels come in a variety of patterns and textures. Select the ones that best fit the room type and décor.

Drop ceiling tiles are not just functional items anymore. They can add to the beauty of the room. So you need to give careful thought when you select panels for drop ceilings. Ceiling panels are available in different materials – ceramic, gypsum, slate, drywall, etc. You might also get lighted ceiling tiles. And each has its advantages and drawbacks.

You would also need to consider the room category where you intend to install the ceiling panels. Is it a conference room? A classroom? The main reception area/waiting hall? A personal chamber? The type of ceiling panel would also depend on this.

But don’t worry. We are here to provide you with the necessary tips to choose the correct ceiling panels. Read on to know more about the deciding factors for it.

How Easy is it to Install?

You wouldn’t want your room to turn into a mess while installing ceiling panels. Nor would you want the installation to be a prolonged affair. So, go for the panels that don’t take much effort for installing.

CSI Wall Panels team of installation specialists will ensure that the ceiling panels come with a seamless installation procedure. You won’t need to do any additional adjustments to bring the ceiling to perfection.

Acoustical Perfection

The days of enclosed and compartmentalized cubicles are gone, by and large. More and more organizations are opening up their office spaces. This gives rise to more bonding and collaborative efforts. However, the speeches also act as distracting agents. And the noises caused by office equipment (like copiers) do aggravate this issue.

So, keep in mind the noise reduction coefficient (NRC) while selecting the drop ceiling tiles. This is the ability of the ceiling panel to absorb the sound. These tiles would also absorb any echoes in the room. And with the right styling, they would provide the much-needed visual aesthetics as well.

The Clearance Factor

Not all rooms are vertically the same. That means some rooms need a greater headspace than others. Generally, basement ceilings are lower in height. So you would need to measure the exact height on the wall where you would need the ceiling to be. Some room must be left between the overhead joists and the ceiling height.

Of course, you might keep a couple of inches as an adjustment factor. But the end objective is clear. The panels should be selected in a manner that the drop ceiling height is appropriate.

Size of the Panels

This might seem a tad unimportant. But it is just the opposite. The visual aesthetics of a drop ceiling depends to a large extent on the panel size. And that too in proportion to the room size. Preferences vary from customer to customer. Some go for larger rectangular panels. While many others prefer smaller, square shapes. Sift through some options before zeroing in on one.

Let’s take an example. Residential units usually prefer the 24 x 24 inches panels. This is because of their symmetrical shape that creates a stylish look. But commercial buildings usually go for the 24 x 48 inches variant. Being larger, these panels facilitate easier installation. It also saves costs for the organization.

It would be good to remember another point. You would need to hang more support tracking if you opt for smaller ceiling panels.

Can the Panels Be Colored and Painted?

Nowadays pre-colored ceiling panels are available. However, you might have decided to go for industrial white-colored ceiling panels. They would look clean and crisp, without any doubt. But then, they would become dirty very soon. More so if the room has a lot of natural air passing through it.

There is something more to it. You might want to change the room’s décor some years down the line. And the white panels might stick out like sore thumbs amidst the new styling. So, make sure that you would be able to color the panels if you go for the white ones.

How Workable Are the Panels?

So now you have a drop ceiling in place. And you are planning to install some other fixtures on this ceiling. For example, lighting fixtures or similar accessories.

But are the panels sturdy enough? Will the support tracking mechanism be able to hold on to additional structures, apart from the existing panels?

Make sure you have the answers to these questions before you choose the drop ceiling tiles.

Ease of uninstallation

You need to consider this factor as well. The idea of a drop ceiling is to facilitate quick access to the wiring, duct, and plumbing works. So the panels should not be too hard to remove.

The same should be the case if one or more panels get damaged and need replacement. You should not be forced to take the entire ceiling down in such a situation.

The Humidity Factor

Do also keep in mind factors like humidity. The intended room for the drop ceiling might be located in a humid locality. Or, the room might be in moist conditions (like bathrooms). In such cases, the ceiling panels ought to be mold and mildew-resistant.

By now, you are aware of the points to keep in mind while selecting ceiling panels for your drop ceiling. We at CSI Wall Panels make the job easier for you. Reach out to us with your ceiling panel requirements. Then, sit back and relax. Our competent installation experts would give you no cause for complaint as they go about installing the drop ceiling.

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