How long can a hamster go without water and Food?

How long can a hamster go without water

Contrary to what you think, How long can a hamster go without water can’t live without food and water any more than your average animal.

They can only go for 1-3 days tomorrow. When forced to go without, they will quickly become upset and then get sick.

In fact, hamsters are very active and need fuel, water and water. Deprived of it, they will suffer. They may not even be alive!

To keep your hamster healthy and happily bald, you should always have food and water in stock.

Can hamsters store water in their cheeks?

How long can a hamster go without water

Food isn’t really a big deal because hamsters store things naturally. They store extra seeds in their beds and are physically adapted to the small ways they collect.

When they see food, they store it in special pouches on their cheeks. They keep it in their cheeks for a while to eat later or take it to their bed and bury it in their bed. This is something that is very common in these types of animals.

It also means that if their cup of food is empty for a few days, they probably won’t be able to eat. Still, you should make sure your hamster box is full every day, especially if you want them to behave and stay healthy.

Water, on the other hand, is another bargain. Hamsters are not camels. They just can’t store water in their cheeks later on.

They have to get all the water they get straight from their bottles. Keep in mind that there is a strong emphasis on the bottle.

Giving hamsters water in cups poses many dangers for them. If they accidentally slip into their bowl and struggle to get out, they could potentially drown. They can even get sick when wet. They are very sensitive to diseases and extreme cold.

It also means that if you don’t water them, there’s no backup. There are no shells hidden in their cages, and there is no natural storage system in their bodies.

So it’s best to take several bottles and place them in different places in the cage. You have to make sure that the water supply is always there and that there is a problem with the bottles (leakage, clogging, etc.).

This drop hamster water bottle is my personal pick, and you can get it for a lower price on Amazon. Easy to install, chew-resistant and does not leak even after extension.

Can I leave my hamsters alone on the weekend (do they have enough water?)

How long can a hamster go without water

This raises an important question. What can they do when you’re not there? The answer is very simple: nothing! A hamster doesn’t know how to go to the kitchen and turn on the tap. A hamster cannot get up and walk to the supermarket to eat. They are completely dependent on you.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to be at every other part of the day. When you are at home, you really should visit your hamster every few hours to make sure he has food and drink.

If you need to get away for a while, there are some options for you. Leaving a pet alone is the best way to take care of someone. A trusted friend or even a professional should come and see his hamster once a day.

If you’re having trouble getting to someone’s house or you’re particularly out of the way, you can always persuade them to bring your hamster home. 

You should also do this regularly. Many pets can be scary to stay away from their owners.

What to do if your hamster escapes?

How long can a hamster go without water

It is not uncommon for know that how long can a hamster go without water to escape. This is a real problem because small creatures can escape from very small openings. Once the pet hamster escapes, you need to find it as soon as possible.

This means they have less time left or can float over something dangerous like a cable.

Since hamsters rely on you for food and water, one of the best things you can do is put their open cage on the floor and leave some food on the floor.

Can hamsters survive in the wild about food and water?

How long can a hamster go without water

The point is because hamsters are pets, they don’t really know how to eat in the desert. While there are still hamsters in the woods, they are a little different from the ones on wheels in your room.

Our hamsters are no longer ready to travel to the outside world. Although some people think they are doing human work by freeing them, they often inadvertently send them to their early deaths.

That is why it is advisable how long can a hamster go without water to take the first steps. Make sure you buy the right size and safe cage so that your hamster cannot escape easily. If you’re looking for a new cage, here’s my Amazon suggestion. You even get a free bottle of water!

How long can a hamster go without food?

Our hamster taught us a lot about how to care for hamsters, and when it comes to food, we know that hamsters are hoarders.

It looks like your hamster has eaten what he put in his bowl, but if you clean his cage, you will find that he has a good shawl in his house/skin. Hamsters hide food to make sure they have enough in the event of a stroke. But this stock will not last more than 1-2 days.

It depends on how you feed your hamster. We’ve given the hamster pellets and knives, we’ve got bits of vegetables, we’ve got a little cooked chicken in it, boiled egg whites, bread, grapes and so on. All of these things feed your hamster at different times. Protein-based foods make your hamster longer than vegetables, but grains and pellets have fed him the longest.

So if your last thing was to eat grains, seeds and pellets, it could live 3-4 days without foraging for food. At that point, he will eat his whole house away from home.

If you want to know what your hamster can eat, check out my article on what to feed your hamster. I’ll also tell you which foods to avoid and talk about mixing ready-made foods on the market.

How long can a hamster go without water?

The water or a hamster are a bit obvious, as they vary depending on the size of your hamster. This is usually 10 milliliters (0.33 flu oz) per 100 grams (3.5 oz) of hamster per day.

So if your hamster looks like a hamster, a full-grown Syrian hamster weighing about 170 grams will need 17 milliliters of water per day. So this is a 6-ounce hamster that needs 0.57 ounces of water per day.

If your hamster drinks water for the last time this morning, it will only be good for 2-3 days. It is without food as they can also get water from their food.

Dry pellets and grains provide little water, but fruits and vegetables give them plenty of water so hamsters can survive for a week without a tube of water.

If your hamster somehow escaped and wandered, know that it’s good enough to find and thicken pipes, or make a hole somewhere. It’s not good for him, but worst-case scenario, he can easily find them.

But if he is in a closed cage, his survival is limited.

If you go out for longer, your hamster will need more food and water.

Fill the water hose completely to make sure there is enough water in it. We have a capacity of about 150ml / 5 full oz, which keeps our hamster running for about 9 days.

To make sure your hamster enough food for 5 days, give it:

  • Dry food such as grains, seeds, slices for about 3 to 3 days – that’s about 2-3 teaspoons of dry food per day.
  • Some hamsters have seeds on their food, and some take what they need and something else to hide in their house. So watch your fur, and if he is greedy, he left more dry food for him so that he will be with you for 5 – a day.
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What about the health and age factor?

If your hamster is still a “baby” (less than 3 months old), it will not mature. Young hamsters are mostly weaker than adults and need food and care.

Even when they have reached their full size, many changes take place in their bodies, and they need extra food and water and rest.

But what if your hamster is older? Depending on the age of the boy, Hamas can survive for 2-3 years so that its immune system can develop better.

So as your hamster approaches 2 years of age, we will likely become slower and weaker and require more care. Leaving him alone will be just as difficult as leaving a young hamster.

Likewise, if your hamster is healthy to know that how long can a hamster go without water and has no apparent illness or disease, it is better if he is left alone for a few days.

If the hamster is sick, we recommend that you do not leave it alone and urge you to find someone who can check it regularly if you have to leave.

How do we make sure hamster is okay when we walk?

In our case, we have the option how long can a hamster go without water of handing over the key to house to a neighbor or a relative. They live nearby and can see the hamster regularly and skip meals every day.

  • Water is not a problem because we leave the hamster water for a week.
  • Short training on how much food to leave behind and how to close and open the cage is enough.
  • Other times, when we’re only out of town for two days, we don’t ask anyone to take care of the hamster. We left it with food and water for 48 hours, and when we got back, we found it safe and happy.
  • We left another key with our neighbor, but before that, we made sure Hamster:
  • Eat enough dry food (2-3 teaspoons of grains and pellets) for a day

All this is taking how long can a hamster go without water  into account the fact that he also has food storage in the house in case of an emergency.

If we leave the hamster alone for a few days, even if it’s just a weekend, we make sure the central temperature is at 22 degrees Celsius. This is 71.6 Fahrenheit, and this is the average temperature that would be good for a hamster.

This way, we ensure that it is not too cold or too hot and not too humid.

I’m glad you’re still stuck with us, and I hope you check this information out ahead of time and that your support is secure.

So I hope your information on how long a hamster can survive without food or water will be helpful! I hope I was a good example.

You’ll find information about the best cages for hamsters, how to handle hamsters, even what we can and cannot eat. Look


So back to the original question. How long can your hamster go without water? Frankly, it’s not something you need to know. If you have a hamster, it is best to ensure that it has regular and easy access to some good quality water bottles that cannot be blocked, leaked or broken.

If you are thinking about going out of the house for a while, take appropriate measures and make sure they are never alone for a long time.

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