Floating Frames (Want to décor your place)

The thing we have to focus

When it comes to decorating a house or the empty walls, one can go for the frame hanging which is most easy and simple and it provides a great look to the walls of your house. Frames for the pictures are the products that are very simple and decent. Mostly, decoration of the walls of the houses, we go for the photo frames.

Nevertheless, picture frames have got the attentiveness of architectures and owners of houses. For this purpose, we can use any sort of frame which is available in metal, paper, wood, and plastics, all these frames have the ability to beautify your walls. Now, the frames are present in new designs such a float frames, which generate the illusion that the artwork is floating in the frame actually. People who love the artwork, mostly go for the floating frame.

Float frame?

The name float-frame is reflecting that the floating frames seem as the designs in the frame are floating. Behind the glass of the frame, the artwork is not under the stress. A three-dimension image is presented to the viewers because of the illusion in the frame. Floating frames are present not in different sizes but the depth also varies according to the customer requirements which enhances the view of your pictures and images. A wood canvas is used outside of the floating frames, having a little gap to adjust the frame and the corners of the floating frames. The frame provides a space to the artwork from the canvas which looks more beautiful to the viewers.

Floating Frames (Want to décor your place)


Basically, floating frames were developed in the 1950s. On canvas, oil painting was very common in the early 1900s. And a style came into being which is known as the stripping start in the society of the artwork. The purpose of the style was to lock the artwork of oil paintings. The style contained four parts of the plywood, to frame the paintings. Despite the fact that the slender frames of wood developed a finalized look of the paintings, but was unable to give security to the artworks. So, the float frames were developed because of all of this.

The reason to use the float frames:

Floating frames can be used for all sorts of artwork that you want to display at the houses. You can use the floating frames to maximize the area when you are residing in a congested area or the house. These frames have little inches of space on all the sides which is not present in the normal frames.

Floating Frames (Want to décor your place)

To get the modern style residence, it’s often become hard to search for the artwork for that. Despite the fact that searching for the products for the décor is not difficult but the management of budget needs to be tricky. Because of all of this, floating frames area big addition. By nature, floating frames are modern, they are commonly simple and smooth when you want to modernize your houses and for better display at your places.

Benefits of using float-frame:

Basically, float frames are used for the artwork prepared on the canvas or which is painted. When a person wants to enhance and increase the space of display, using a float-frame is the best option because float frames occupy less area as compared to the mat frames. Float frames can present the artwork in a more attractive way. The endpoints of your artwork play a vital role in the presentation of the artwork which hides in the mats and sort of frames but the float frames present it in a more attractive way. In addition to the attractive looks, float frames are easy to hang to the walls of customers

Way to use the float frame:

When you want to hang the artwork in the floating frame, you need to follow:

Firstly, you need to cut the matting board according to the size of your frame. Then, point out the place where you want to put the artwork. Cut the silt which will be almost one inch lower from the point where your picture’s top will come.

Floating Frames (Want to décor your place)

Instead of gum, use the hinging gummed tap at the backside of the artwork because it has the ability to attach the site easily but we can’t remove it from the walls that much easier. Hang the slit with the help of slide tape and the back will get secured. Put the spacers to the artwork so that the work will not get stress and frame the picture in it. In the end, we will get amazed after watching the complete work that is floating.

Types of floating frames:

  • Acrylic floating frames:

When you want to swap your pictures in a flash and want to convert your pictures into a stunning piece, acrylic floating frames help you a lot to achieve your goals. These floating frames are very easy to use, you just need to open the screw from the mounts, separate the upper sheet of the acrylic frame and remove the already inserted picture and put your artwork into it and finally attach it again.

  • Canvas floating frames:

The frames which are used to present the canvas prints as a hinging artwork in the gallery are canvas floating frames. These also called boxed canvases. The canvas is ascended in a frame of wood, having a little space to create the illusion effect. These frames are available in various colors to provide variety to the customers.

  • Metal floating frames:

To bring the exceptional thing to your place, metal floating frames are giving a decent and elegant view to your artwork and pictures by producing a floating effect, wherever, you are keeping it. It produces a look like an art gallery. When putting the artwork in the metal floating frame it produces a high-resolution view.

  • Shadowbox pictures frames:

The artwork and the pictures that are of worth for you, enclosed frames with the glass front called shadow box picture frames are used. These frames are deep as compared to the ordinary frames and the basic purpose of their design is to present and store memorable pictures. The combination of the materials and depth effects are generated by their heights from the backs which develops a substantial illusion for the viewers.

  • Advantages of using floating frames:

For the presentation and appreciation of a picture, frames play a significant role. Floating frames are perfect for organizing broad canvas printing. Artworks from the canvas are manufactured by utilizing the high-quality ink used for photo, edges are given sharpness and the attractive colors are provided with the polish which gives a more attractive when attached to the frame.

In the conventional frames, the artwork was attached to the back which damages the corners of the print, but now in the modern float frames, the artwork is attached by the front and the print does not get ruptured. When you want the framing of the artwork which you do not want to get ruptured, like the artwork by the artists, this becomes more beneficial for you to use.

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