Flat Refurbishment London- flipping your home

The cost of Flat Refurbishment London will be determined by several criteria, including the size and condition of the flat and whether structural work is required. If safety or sound measures are needed to meet building regulations, whether kitchens and bathrooms must be rebuilt, and any other large items must be examined.

Guide to Renovating Your Apartment

Any property restoration work is exciting and fulfilling, but a flat repair differs significantly from a house renovation. Flats have their own set of obstacles in a house that you won’t find. Unless you’re restoring a subsurface unit, you’ll face the additional challenge of completing a property renovation many levels above.

Flats also have more neighbors to consider, which means that your project and the steady stream of workers coming in and out of the building will affect more individuals.

Obtain Authorization

You must first obtain the necessary permissions before planning your dream new flat and before any repairs can be done on the flat. It is also polite to notify your neighbors that you are renovating. So that they are aware of the project before it begins. If you rent your apartment, you must first speak with your owner before doing any work. Many owners are willing to let a renter do renovations as long as the tenant pays the bill.

Make a Financial Plan

When it comes to renovating a home, the costs quickly add up, so be sure you have a budget before starting. It might assist you in making judgments and prevent you from overpaying. Your desires will ultimately determine the cost of your Flat Refurbishment London.

Do some study on the outcome you want and develop some standardized incidence for each part of the project. Remember to consider all small elements, such as electricity, lighting, flooring, tradespeople, appliances, and decoration.

Make a Project Schedule

You will need a good project plan to ensure a smooth flat renovation journey. A well-thought-out strategy will guarantee that your project is timely and pricey and provide you with something to ensure that everything is on track.

Lookup Material And Services

The next step in your flat refurbishment adventure is identifying contractors and materials after you have a plan. You might be thinking about doing part of the work yourself. However, you will almost certainly require the services of specific pros. Relevant contractors will be essential if you conduct any job involving gas, plumbing, or electrical. It is also worth enlisting the services of other artisans if you are not confident doing the work yourself.

It’s helpful to think of your time as a cost per hour. You’re more likely to take longer to master a task than a professional. So you’re out of luck if you can do it for less money and in less time.

The cost of a simple flat refurbishment 

An essential refurbishment can cost between £25k and £45k. It takes 4 and 8 weeks to transform a take and tired-looking flat into a bright, clean, and comfortable home. Fitting a new kitchen, painting the apartment, installing new lighting, replacing old flooring, woodwork work, and modifying an existing bathroom are all likely to include it.

Most people think of renovating for kitchen and bathroom, followed by painting and replacing flooring.

The cost of renovating a whole apartment

A complete flat refurbishment for a smaller flat permits some alteration of the flat layout into a more pleasant and modern living environment. It can cost anywhere between £50k and £100k+. It depends on the extent of work and the size of the flat and can take anywhere between 8 and 16 weeks. Fitting a new kitchen and bathroom, replacing flooring, and installing a new boiler and cooling system are included. Even re-plastering walls as needed, some essential structural work, and installing some new electrics are all possible components.

A larger flat requires most of the above elements or items, such as moving a kitchen or adding a new bathroom. It probably costs more and falls into the £70k-£120k price range.

Refurbishment of the entire flat and some extra features

Work such as significant structural internal structural steel alterations, fireproof internal walls, mist firefighting systems, or crystal entrance areas are samples of additional elements. The cost of these pieces varies wildly, depending on what they are. They may add importance to the overall cost of the renovation. This style of renovation is likely to cost more than £80,000.

FAQs about Flat Refurbishment London

Is it true that renovating a flat increases its value?

Yes, the increase in value of a flat after it has been professionally refurbished is several times the cost of the work, especially in more significant properties.

Is it true that renovating a flat increases its rental value?

Yes, especially if the apartment is in a desirable location, the rental value and the convenience and speed of renting the flat increase significantly. Local managing agents can give you an estimate of how much your rent will rise following a renovation.

Is it cheaper to buy a pre-renovated apartment or to renovate one yourself?

It is less expensive to handle the job yourself in virtually all circumstances. You will have more control over how the project is done. And what you want to install rather than inheriting someone else’s preferences. The disadvantages are the time, effort, and the possibility of needing to find alternate housing while the repair is being done.


A house renovation gives you the freedom to change the inside and exterior of the property, but a flat allows you to change the interior. Despite these difficulties, upgrading property is an excellent job, whether you want to raise your investment or improve your living area.

Flat Refurbishment London is always a difficult task requiring a lot of effort. With this guidance, you can entirely transform the appearance of your apartment and give it a new personality.

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