Does Bathtub Reglazing Last?

The answer to the question “Does bathtub reglazing last?” may surprise you. While it is true that reglazing a bathtub does not last forever, it will last for seven to 10 years. You can also expect to see a longer lifespan if you take better care of it. Here are some ways to care for a reglazed tub. And if done by professionals like BRS Specialist it may last even more.

While bathtub reglazing is an effective method of making your bath look new again, the process can be expensive. If your bathtub has previously been refinished, you may need to purchase additional products and the process may take longer. Some bathtubs have anti-slip coatings that prevent people from slipping, but this adds to the cost. It’s always a good idea to get three quotes from different companies before making a decision.

You should prepare your tub thoroughly and avoid soaking it with abrasive cleaners right after the process. While cleaning a tub may be satisfying in the short term, it can also damage your newly-reglazed coating. Grease, soap scum, and other contaminants need to be removed before the process can begin. A thorough clean is recommended once a month, and you should allow the refinished glaze to cure for 48 hours. After this time, it will feel dry, but it will not be fully cured.

Once your bathtub is reglazed, it needs to be cleaned properly. You can use mild household cleaning products and try to avoid abrasive cleaners on them. You should also avoid using suction cups to clean your bathtub, as they can cause the re-glazed coating to peel off. If you take proper care of it, you can enjoy your new bathtub for up to a century! Just remember that proper cleaning is the key to prolonging the life of a reglazed bathtub.

Reglazing your tub is the most affordable way to restore it to its original beauty. However, it requires more expertise than a homeowner could do on his own. You need to be careful because some of the substances used in reglazing are toxic, so make sure to open your windows and put on a fan during the entire process. If you are unsure about the process, hire a professional bathtub reglazing company to help you with the process.

A professional reglazing job will give you the best results. A new tub will look brand new after the process, and a professionally done reglazing job will cost about seven to ten years. Afterwards, you should clean it thoroughly, and make sure not to use abrasive cleaners, as these can ruin the coating. If you do your own reglazing, you should expect to have the bathtub looking brand new for three to ten years.

Reglazing your bathtub will cost you between $325 and $550. It’s also possible to get the tub refinished to a new color. Some popular colors include avocado green, blossom pink, and harvest gold. Caulking your bathtub will also cost you between $50 and $200, depending on the size and type of leak. If you have a leak or a chip, you may want to contact a professional for this task.

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