6 Ways To Deal With Unwanted Kitchen Furniture And Appliances

If you recently decluttered your kitchen or did a quick makeover, you might have discovered a lot of kitchen items, furniture, and appliances that you no longer want or need. While your current favorite space in your home now looks fantastic and well-organized, you’re now left with a new dilemma on how to deal with the accumulated rubbish piled up in your garage or yard. Fortunately, these things you might no longer want to keep are still salvageable and can still be used by other people.

Some kitchen appliances or furniture could be pretty bulky and heavy, so it’s tougher to find ways to dispose of them. When you think about it, even your damaged appliances would still contain spare parts that can be turned into cash. All you need to do is execute the right ways to deal with them.

To give you some ideas, here are diverse methods to choose from when dealing with kitchen rubbish.

1. Contact A Pro Junk Removal Company

Getting rid of appliances and bulky waste from around the house is easy when you hire a private waste management company. Fortunately, many credible waste companies online provide such services,

like https://www.dirtcheaprubbishremoval.com.au/ and other contractors around your area. This could be your best bet if you want hassle-free and prompt waste removal services.

They will calculate the approximate cost based on the size and weight of the appliance you need to be removed. They also have the right and eco-friendly processes for disposing of any kind of waste, making you feel at ease knowing you’ve chosen a greener option to get rid of your garbage.

You’ll need to contact them ahead, set up a schedule, and agree on terms to get a good deal. In most cases, the removal team is available to assist you any time of the week, so you can work with them on your day off or at any convenient time for you.

2. Hunt For Trade-In Deals

When you finally have the budget for a new refrigerator or an oven, or any other kitchen appliance, your priority is to check out your selections. When doing so, it’s best also to inquire your appliance dealer whether they can remove your broken or old kitchen appliances as an included service in your transaction. Some stores do have this service offering, while some may charge you a minimal fee.

You can even find an option wherein you need to buy a new kitchen appliance from an appliance store, and they allow you to trade in your old appliance and have it recycled or refurbished. This is a win-win situation as they can sell or reuse the spare parts in excellent condition. Most appliance stores provide this service for free, primarily when the new appliance is delivered to your home. It’s a great business advantage for them, after all.

The key is to communicate with your appliance supplier and have a smooth transaction regarding your trade-in deal. Some stores only accept appliances that still work, so you need to plan for other stores or options if you have broken and unsalvageable appliances.

3. Inquire And Work With The Municipal Garbage Service

It’s worth all the trouble when you finally execute your dream kitchen remodeling design and ideas. Now, it’s time to clean up the bulk waste. There are times when it’s easier to discard a large appliance at the curb or outside your house. However, it’s crucial to coordinate with your local municipal collection service first. A small fee will probably be added to your garbage bill if you choose this option.

Also, you need to agree on what schedule is best for them to pick up your bulk garbage. This option, however, might not be offered by all municipal waste collectors, so it’s advisable to do prior research and inquiries.

4. Give Your Old Kitchen Stuff Away

Check your kitchen appliances and segregate which ones are still in working condition. It’s a waste of money and resources to throw these things away completely, so it’s only best to give them away to people or organizations who can still benefit from them. There are charities, salvage stores, family, and friends who will be willing to accept your used kitchen furniture and appliances.

Check with your local nonprofit organization to see if they accept large appliances and determine their requirements for taking them. Diversify your donating options and find more online. You can also use social media and post your items there; indeed, some people will be interested in taking your kitchen items away, especially since they’re free. 

Many charities will pick up your large kitchen appliances, so you won’t have to worry about how to transport them. But there are also those you need to drop off these bulky items yourself, so you must inquire about how these donations go about.

5. Sell Them Online Or In A Consignment Store

It is easy to get rid of items you no longer need by listing them on sites and even on social media platforms. This option is perfect for your items that are barely used and are still in excellent working condition. You can communicate and transact with the buyer directly and decide on a pickup or delivery setup.

Surely some of your kitchen items like barely used plates, cutleries, different devices, and working appliances are worth more money. Alternatively, you can contact a consignment store to discuss selling your items if you think they have a high value.  A consignment shop’s fee is typically a percentage of the sale. This is an excellent option to get rid of your items, earn some cash, and save time and effort.

6. Dump Them In The Landfill By Yourself

Take matters into your own hands if you wish to finish these tasks right away. If you have a pickup truck, you can dispose of your bulk garbage by yourself. Usually, landfills and transfer stations allow individuals to dump for a fee. However, you must also be aware of their rules and whereabouts, as some items may contain hazardous materials that will not be accepted in the landfill.

The only downside of this option is that it will require time, energy, fees, and efforts for you to haul everything to the truck by yourself. You need to pay for gas, the landfill fees, and spend a few hours to complete everything. In some cases, you’ll need to drive long hours if the landfill is a bit far from your residence.


It can be challenging to dispose of outdated or broken kitchen appliances. However, don’t let this task overwhelm you as there are many concrete suggested ways mentioned in this article. Weigh the best choice, make your calculations, and choose the best disposal solution. Keep in mind that while some options will require selecting only the working appliances and stuff, a professional remover will be able to handle any kind of garbage you have, making it the most convenient choice.

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